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What can I expect?

An initial consultation will be offered.  This meeting provides an opportunity to explore together whether the approach I offer will be of benefit to you.  It will also give you opportunity to ask me questions about the therapy process. The first session can bring you to a place of relief and hope; however, it will be perfectly natural if you experience stirred up feelings as you begin to share your problem.

It is difficult to say how long therapy will take – some people find insight in a current difficulty.  Others may want to explore past experiences and understand the effect this might have in the present day circumstances and relationships.  Sessions last for one hour and there will be times to review the process and to assess whether you are benefiting from what is offered.

However you want to use counselling, sessions can lead to personal discovery and release your potential, help you develop new possibilities and contribute to you making clearer choices that may be ahead of you.

My Fee

My fee is £45 per session for individuals and £60 for couples. I charge a full fee for missed sessions and if less than 24 hours’ notice is given.


It is paramount that you feel that counselling is a safe and confidential place. If, in any rare circumstance, it is felt that you pose a serious threat to your own health or safety, or to that of others, a counsellor may be morally and / or legally obliged to break confidentiality.  I would always aim to discuss these issues with you if any problem should arise.